Welcome to GCR digital Radio

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Welcome to GCR digital Radio


GCR is available 24/7 on tuneIn


9am-11am GCR More Music Hour - Whether you're pottering about at Home,or busy at your desk,GCR has a great blend to start your day,it's Your Kind Of Music

11am-Noon GCR All 80's Coffee Break

Noon-2pm GCR Brunch

2pm-3pm GCR More Music Hour - from 60's to Today's Hits

3pm-6pm GCR Afternoons - Your Kind Of Music

Afternoons at GCR feature a Great Mix,including Ireland's Best Music

6pm-7pm Monday -  Friday GCR More Music Hour

7pm-9pm Monday - Peter PA Antony, plays Past, Present and Future Classics

9pm-10pm Monday - Peter Carroll presents GCR Rock'N'Roll

7pm-8pm Tuesday & Friday - Twang Time Radio Hour

8pm-10pm Tuesday Ken Doyle from Bagatelle, Keeps On Rockin'

7pm Wednesday - Your Kind of 80's

8pm Wednesday WICKLOW HOUR

9pm Wednesday Tony Doyle plays Your Kind of Beatles

7pm Thursday - Austin Prior - Your Kind of 60's

8pm-10pm Thursday Boc McCann - The Sound of Bray's Alternative Club

8pm-10pm Friday John Power plays The Greatest Hits Of All Time

10pm-Midnight Mon-Thursday Time for You

10pm-Midnight Friday Peter PA Antony plays Past, Present & Future Classics

GCR Overnight - Programme Hi-Lights & Ireland's Best Music