Welcome to Garden County Radio

John Power presented his first Local Radio Show,aged 14! Along with School mate Roly Byrne,they both joined Magic 103FM,following an X-Factor style 'On-Air' Competitive Interview,with Radio Caroline,and Radio Luxembourg Legend Chris Carey,who had recently launched his Radio Nova brand,in Ireland.

John Power,Broadcast Journalist & NUJ Member,is our Radio Consultant at GCR digital Radio,and Presents 'Your Kind of Saturday' 10am - 2pm, incl. 'The All 80's Coffee Break' at 11am

GCR - Specialist Music Shows

'GCR Americana' presented by Songwriter Catherine Simpson,and Kurt Schefter,Guitarist for Atlantic Records,Grammy Award Winner Alannah Myles ASCAP awarded 'Black Velvet'

Hear the Show, Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 7pm - 8pm & Midnight Sunday,

Radio Luxembourg DJ Peter PA Antony plays Your Kind of Music, featuring - The Power Play, Classic Album, and PA's Music Mix informed by 30 Years of Great Broadcasting.Fridays 8pm.

The First British DJ on Irish Radio in Years.

Ken Doyle from Legendary Band Bagatelle joins GCR digital Radio.

Ken Doyle 'Keeps On Rockin' Sundays Noon-1pm & Tuesdays 8pm.

Telephone Bill - Your Kind of 60's,Saturdays & Sundays 9am - 10am, and Thursdays 8pm - 9pm.

The Beatles,The Stones,The Beach Boys,The Hollies,Crosby,Stills and Nash...

The Driving Force behind The Fran O'Toole Bridge Campaign,Peter Carroll joins GCR. 

Join Peter for GCR Rock'N'Roll,Saturdays 6pm - 7pm, Mondays 9pm - 10pm

'The Alternative' was a Night Club at the Legendary Bray Head Hotel.

It's massive success was based on a simple Formula - Give people what they want.

This included the Music Policy, devised by Boc McCann, who brings the Sounds of The Alternative Era, to GCR digital Radio.

Hear the Show, Saturdays 8pm & Sundays 6pm.

If you Like The Beatles - You'll Love Your Kind of Beatles.

Tony Doyle shares the Stories & Music of The Fab Four, Sundays 8pm, on GCR digital Radio.